The three C’s stand for Community, Collaborate and Create. This is a programme put in place to:

All of the above ultimately means, We aim to build a home. A home for Communities, Art(ists) and People to experience, explore and excel in their art, whatever that may be. As an independent venue, we can offer a unique level of openness and flexibility to grow local works, which we feel takes priority in our role as your local intimate performance space.

Below is more information about each ‘C’ in the Three C’s.


Playhouse Community is a programme of work/projects that aim to serve all people of our local community. This covers a wide range of activities from providing rehearsal space at below average rates, community lead performances or charity fundraisers.

If you wish to work with the theatre for any type of community event; a film exhibition in the Green Room, An awards ceremony or even a choir dance performance showcase - We have a number of event spaces available. So If you have an event in mind that benefits a charity or the wider local community, please do get in touch with us at:

Previous programmes include:

- Private wedding proposal in auditorium

- Private parties in green room

- Dance showcase in support of Ukrainian Refugees presented by NAPA and CAC

- Gloucestershire Young Photography Awards Ceremony

- ‘A Woman's Life’ local film premier

- Cheltenham Arts Council Awards

- Cheltenham Poetry Festival

- Improv Charity Night in aid of Macmillan


Playhouse Collaborate is where we work closely with artists, from a range of practices and disciplines on long term projects.

We assist by providing bespoke support in the form of technical design expertise, producing and promotion support, as well as flexible rehearsal spaces.

Our aim is to truly collaborate on works to build longevity, allowing creativity to grow.

If you have an interest of being considered for the Collaborate programme, please contact us on:

Existing Collaborate projects:

- Theatre Studio Performance School

- Howlers Comedy Club

- Sean Moss - Dancer/Practitioner

- Eclectic Cinema

- Chapel Arts - Musical performance


Playhouse Create are projects that are created in-house, from concept to creation.

Create projects aim to showcase all skill sets within The Cheltenham Playhouse and working relationships developed during the Community and Collaborate programmes. This provides the opportunity for local artists to work on large scale professional performances, such as our annual Pantomime.

If you have an interest of being considered for the pantomime contact us on:

Current Create projects:

- Aladdin 2023