Inspired by Holst



A Cheltenham Playhouse & Everyman Theatre Collaboration

To commemorate 150 years since the birth of Cheltenham-born composer Gustav Holst, we

are inviting local writers to write a 30-minute play inspired by the title of a work by Holst

(e.g. In the Bleak Midwinter, Hammersmith, Japanese Suite, the Perfect Fool, the Planets).

Three plays will be chosen for performance by two professional and up to ten community actors at the

Cheltenham Playhouse in September 2024.

To enter this competition, your play should:

● Have between two and ten characters in it (a mix of genders).

● Be between 25 – 30 minutes.

● Have a title that is inspired by the title of a work by Holst, but does not need to be

about Holst.

● Be suitable for performance on the Playhouse stage.

The three plays selected for performance will be directed and designed by a professional

creative team on behalf of the Playhouse and the Everyman in September 2024.

Please submit your play by 1 st June 2024 to:

For any advice on the writing of your play, please contact:

This project is funded by Arts Council, England and supported by the Cheltenham Playhouse

and Everyman Theatre

We look forward to receiving your submission.

As this is a community event, please note that the competition’s prize is the play being

produced; no royalties or other payment will be offered to writers.